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University of Colorado at Boulder, Biochemistry and MCD Biology

Expected May 2009

  • Dean's List
  • Honors programs: Norlin Scholars, Undergraduate Academy, Kittridge Honors, Golden Key, Alumni Association Scholars

Rocky Mountain High School, GPA 4.02 / 4.0, class rank 1 of 644

Graduated May 2005

  • State Champion in Science Olympiad for Experimental Design, 4 regional medals (2 gold)
  • Captain and founder, National Ocean Science Bowl at RMHS
  • AP Coursework in: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Calculus I, Calculus II, English Language, English Literature and Composition, U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, Comparative Government, and Human Geography
  • Active Member: Student Council, Community Service Club, Environmental Club, Colorado Division of Wildlife Riverwatch program, Poudre School District Honor Choir


National Undersea Research Center Aquarius, Key Largo, FL
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary research liaison to the National Undersea Research Center

Summer 2007

  • Under National Ocean Services division of NOAA as part of my Hollings Scholar Appointment
  • Assist PI's who have funded grants in the National Marine Sanctuary in fieldwork and labwork, including scuba diving and sampling in the field as well as biochemical labwork in wetlab
  • Examples of projects include studies of coral banding disease in sea fans, and coral bleaching
  • Apply lab skills in biochemistry and molecular biology to marine biomedical applications

NASA deep sea NEEMO 12 mission, Key Largo, FL
Aquarius undersea research laboratory, National Undersea Research Center

May 2007

  • NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) projects allow astronauts to live underwater for several weeks using saturation diving techniques
    • The isolated environment underwater is an analogy to space missions and allows the astronauts to practice spacewalks (EVA's) and working in a "neutrally buoyant" environment similar to the weightlessness experiences in space
  • I worked with dive physicians and scientists from the Nutritional Biochemistry section of the Human Adaptation and Countermeasures office of the Johnson Space Center to look at human physiology in extreme environments, namely living at 2.5 X atmospheric pressure in the habitat
  • Utilize blood and urine samples to study oxidative stress, wound healing and immune function of the training astronauts, among other studies
  • Possible applications in treating current diseases of major impact such as osteoporosis

Integrated Physiology Lab, CU Boulder
Student Researcher in Dr. Cynthia Carey's lab

2006 to present

  • Carey lab studies the effects of the chytrid fungus in endangered amphibian populations
  • Currently conducting my own independent research on chytrid fungus in populations of Colorado spadefoot toads, Spea multiplicata
  • Learn applications of molecular and cellular biological techniques to the field of conservation biology
  • Utilize PCR polymerase chain reaction protocol to study genomic DNA and levels of chytrid present in animals over time to determine lethal levels, rate of spread, etc.

Porter Biosciences Lab, CU Boulder
Research Assistant to Dr. Min Han

July – Dec 2005

  • Learn lab protocol and procedures for C. elegans nematode genetics research
  • Assist graduate student Emylie Seeman in running gels, western blots, and other procedures for mapping of the sue1 elongation suppressor gene that plays a key role in the synthesis of monomethyl branch chain fatty acids

Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURE), CU Boulder

Summer 2005

  • Receive introduction to research in molecular biology in Dr. Min Han's lab
  • Become familiar with basic lab skills and protocol in my field before entering the university

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute / Shoals Marine Lab, Woods Hole, MA

Summer 2004

  • Phytoplankton and Ocean Nutrient Research project in the Gulf of Maine
  • Conducted independent shipboard oceanographic research project aboard USS Corwith Cramer
  • My research centered on diurnal vertical migration of phytoplankton in the water column

Sea Turtle Restoration Project (PRETOMA) Punta Banco, Costa Rica, Volunteer

Summer 2003

  • Patrolled nesting beaches, monitored, tagged and collected data on sea turtles
  • Relocated endangered eggs to a protected hatchery safe from poachers / predators
  • Conducted independent research on the effects of elevated nest temperatures in inland hatcheries on the sex determination of Olive Ridley sea turtle hatchlings
  • Program has reduced hatchling death rate from nearly 100% to only 25%

Marine Mammal Student Research Program, Texas A&M at Galveston

Spring 2003

  • Monitored and tracked marine mammals and assisted scientists with field research

RiverWatch Program – Colorado Division of Wildlife, Fort Collins, Colorado, Volunteer

1998 – ongoing

  • Monitor Poudre River for pH, alkalinity, hardness, and dissolved oxygen for long term research


Summer Medical and Research Training Program (SMART)
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

Summer 2008

  • Conducting mutation screen in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) to help elucidate pathway involvement in the disease as part of my ASH trainee award
  • Accompany physicians on rounds to learn the process of clinical trials and connecting basic research with clinical practice and treatment

Clinical Research Mentorship, Denver Health Medical Center
Denver, Colorado

Spring 2007

  • Completed training in HIPAA and human research ethics in order to assist Dr. Haukoos in several clinical trials.
  • One trial involved implementing automatic HIV testing for every patient entering the ER to test the hypothesis that cases were going undetected. My role in the study consisted of administering an NIH created patient questionnaire regarding HIV infection.

Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP)
Case Western Reserve University, School of Medicine, Cleveland, OH

Summer 2006

  • Participated in clinical learning and observation with doctors at Cleveland University Hospitals
  • Clinical area of focus: cardiology, nuclear medicine, gastrointestinal surgery, pathology

Timmy Foundation Clinical Outreach, Medical Volunteer
Quito, Ecuador

March 2006

  • Assisted doctors & health professionals at medical clinics in impoverished areas of Ecuador
  • Treated patients in general triage for viral and bacterial infections and skin lesions
  • Assisting pharmacists in preparing medicine and explaining its proper usage to patients

Children's Hospital, Denver, Child Life Specialist

2006 – ongoing

  • Provide enrichment through play and learning opportunities for children to assist in their recovery and development
  • Assist medical personnel with patient care and needs

Large Animal Research, Colorado State Univ. Vet Hospital, Assistant
Fort Collins, Colorado

2005 – ongoing

  • Assisted Dr. Simon Turner in animal surgeries performed for research purposes
  • Scrubbed in to assist in bone graft, spinal fusion and joint restructuring surgeries
  • Acquired essential skills including inserting catheters, intubation and basic anesthesiology

North Shore Retirement Home, Loveland, Colorado, Volunteer

Summer 2002

  • Assisted staff to provide general care and companionship for elderly residents


University of Colorado Graduate Teaching Program – Seminar Attendee

January 2006

  • Pre-professor seminar focusing on teaching skills and innovative approaches to learning

Camp Wapiyapi, Cancer Respite for Children, Estes Park, CO, Volunteer

June 2006

  • Counselor, companion, advisor, and confidant at special summer camp for kids with cancer

Academic Decathlon, Boulder High School, Boulder CO, Coach

2005 – 2006

  • Coached high school students in Anatomy and Physiology to prepare for the state competition
  • My students placed first in this competition and went on to the National finals

MCDB Mentor Program, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, Mentor

2005 – present

  • Mentor fellow MCDB students, assisting in course selection and gaining research opportunities
  • Plan activities to foster community building as well as networking with experts in the field

Science Olympiad, Blevins Jr. High School, Ft. Collins, CO, Assistant Coach

2002 – 2003

  • Volunteer coach to assist students as they prepare for Science Olympiad

Ocean Journey Aquarium, Denver, CO, Educational Volunteer / Guide

2003 – 2004

  • Presented educational talks to aquarium visitors on various topics including live exhibits
  • Assisted visitors and provided informative answers to general questions

Sea Turtle Restoration Project, (PRETOMA) Punta Banco, Costa Rica, Volunteer

Summer 2003

  • Taught English to local school children, gave presentations on turtle conservation


Southern and Western U.S. Developmental Biology Conference, Attendee

October 2005

  • Assisted in the formation of a grant committee to fund student research in molecular biology
  • Review student grant proposals for funding of introductory research in departmental labs

Front Range Ecology Symposium, CSU, Fort Collins, CO, Poster Presentation

March 2005

  • Presented my research on temperature dependent sex determination in Olive Ridley sea turtles


Co-President, Research Grant Review Committee, MCDB Dept. CU Boulder

2006 – present

  • Assisted in the formation of a grant committee to fund student research in molecular biology
  • Review student grant proposals for funding of introductory research in departmental labs

American Association of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) Member

2007 – present

  • Review current undersea scientific work, host conferences

Science Olympiad, Fort Collins and Golden, CO, Volunteer Judge

2005 – present

  • Wrote test exams and managed events for high school science competition
  • Ran the Science of Fitness event at the state level and Designer Genes at the regional level

Ocean Science Bowl, Fort Collins, CO, Volunteer Judge

2005 – present

  • Volunteer judge for the state high school Ocean Science bowl competition
  • Increased awareness & stewardship of ocean environments by fostering student involvement

IDEA Wild, Fort Collins, CO, Volunteer - Grant Review Committee

2003 – 2005

  • Volunteer fundraiser to support research in bioconservation by the non-profit Idea Wild Organization
  • Reviewed and approved grant proposals for biodiversity preservation and research worldwide


American Society of Hematology (ASH) Trainee, Baylor College of Medicine

2008 – ongoing

  • Interning under Dr. Karen Rabin in Dr. Plon’s Cancer Genetics laboratory
  • Conducting mutation analysis of key genomic regions in patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) by generating SNP and chromatogram data

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Hollings Scholar

2006 – ongoing

  • Scholarship/Internship program for top students pursuing careers in science and public service
  • Served NOAA as Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary research liaison to the National Undersea Research Center in Key Largo, Florida (summer 2007)

Case Western University School of Medicine, Tracie Haynie Award


  • SMDEP Program at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
  • Tracie Haynie Award for overcoming Challenges in Live

Norlin Scholar, University of Colorado, Boulder

2005 – ongoing

  • Most selective scholarship awarded by the University of Colorado
  • Selected for exhibiting intellectual curiosity and efforts to pursue academic collaboration

American Museum of Natural History, Young Naturalist Award


  • National semifinalist in a natural science research competition among High School students

National Marine Research "Aquarius" Award Winner

May 2003

  • Grand prize winner in the national marine science essay contest
  • Earned SCUBA certification & dove to Aquarius, world's only undersea research station
  • Met with a team of NASA Astronauts training 60 ft below the ocean surface

Presidential Award for Educational Excellence

2002 – 2005

  • Award for distinguished academic performance maintaining a 4.0 GPA all years in high school


Math Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Colorado Honor Student


  • State award for leadership in fostering math and science education among minority students

Leadership and Academic All-Star, Fort Collins Coloradoan Newspaper


  • Community based honors for excellence in academics, leadership and community involvement

Denver Post: Top Student Achievement Award


  • Top Colorado students recognized for excellence and academic merit

American Legion Colorado Columbine Girls State Delegate


  • Northern Colorado delegate in a statewide government simulation
  • Elected mayor of my city by other delegates